A day in the life of an Aspire athlete

So how do you receive your custom training plan? It's easy! Every Aspire athlete can view their custom training plan via TrainingPeaks.

1. View Daily Training

Your workout for the day can easily be viewed via TrainingPeaks.com or on the TrainingPeaks mobile app. There will be a short description about the ride that tells you what is on the plan for that day.


2. Go Ride!

Now the fun part! Go out and ride. If it's a tough set of intervals, a group ride, or just an easy cruiser, you can rest assured that the plan for that day is going to bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

3. Upload the Ride

Now all you have to do is upload your workout file to TrainingPeaks, and comment on how the ride went. Your coach will review and analyse your file!